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Web Design and Development

UI Developer Course

UI Developer Training from Digital Connext is a course designed by industry experts and this training will focus on the concepts of HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap 5, AngularJS.

Course Fees : ₹ 35000
Todays Offer : Online ₹ 24500 | Offline ₹ 29750

Duration : 4 Months
Mode : Online | Offline
Language : English, Hindi, Marathi

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UI Developer Course
Happy New Year 2024


UI Developer Training from Digital Connext is a course designed by industry experts and this training will focus on the concepts of HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap 5, AngularJS.

Our course curriculum is designed by expert trainers considering the real time practices. You will also get an exposure to industry based real-time uses in various business verticals.

Course Content

Introduction to UI

  • UI Developer roles and Responsibilities
  • UX designer roles
  • Technologies needed
  • Power of UI
  • Current market requirements on UI
  • Sample Web pages
  • Crawling and meta tags


  • Html Introduction And Its Use In Websites
  • Introduction Of Html 
  • Differences Between Html4 & Html5 
  • Elements / Tags 
  • Attributes And With Practical Examples 
  • Forms 
  • Tables 
  • Audio And Video 
  • Html5 New Elements


  • Css Introduction And Its Use In Websites
  • Css Implementations In Html 
  • Animation Properties 
  • Background Properties 
  • Text Properties 
  • Layout Properties 
  • Selectors 
  • Elements 
  • Attributes 
  • Psuedo Classes 
  • Animation Effects 

Bootstrap 5

  • Bootstrap Basic 
  • Fixed Layouts 
  • Responsive Layouts 
  • Tables 
  • Images 
  • Buttons 
  • Forms 
  • Glypicons 
  • Navigations
  • Helper Classes 
  • Modal Dialog Boxes 
  • Carousels

Responsive Design

  • Difference between multiple devices, making a page to work on multiple devices
  • Media queries
  • Introduction to Bootstrap CSS API(2hrs)


  • Introduction 
  • Basic Concepts 
  • Conditional Statements 
  • Loop Statements 
  • Functions 
  • DOM And Event Handlers 
  • Working With Forms 
  • Java Script Objects
  • Object Oriented Programming 
  • jQuery

AngularJS (Option 1)

  • Introduction
  • Power of ngjs
  • Controllers and modules in ngjs with a sample program
  • Data binding with a sample program
  • What is the filter and adding filters to dom elements with sample code
  • Loading multiple page content into a single page using ng-routing – Working example
  • Developer Tools Add-Ons
  • Firebug, chrome and IE Developer tools

React JS (Option 2)

  • Introduction to Web Development and React
  • Components and Styling the Application Layout
  • Handling Navigation with Routes
  • React State Management using Redux
  • Asynchronous Programming with Saga Middleware
  • React Hooks
  • Fetch Data using GraphQL
  • React Application Testing and Deployment
  • Introduction to React Native
  • Building React Native Application with API

ReactJS: Instead of AngularJS student can choose ReactJS with Additional Fees of Rs. 4000/-.

Who should attend?

  • Students who are interesting to become the UI Developers
  • Backend developers who want to learn front end programming concepts
  • Graphics Designers who want to jump into coding world


Why you should learn UI developer course to grow your career?

  • There is an immense demand for UI developers as all the latest applications are being migrated to the web and many devices are using websites to access information. 
  • The average pay of a UI developer is around $102,361 USD per annum.

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Why UI Developer Course at Digital Connext?

Comprehensive Curriculum

Learn the most updated course curriculum designed by industry experts. All the course modules are designed with research and as per the industry requirements.

Industry Expert Trainer

All our trainers are well experienced, well qualified professional trainers from industry. So that students not only learn the advance technologies theory but practical project development as well.

Hands-on Live Projects

Become expert with practical training and live projects. All modules end with one live mini project and on completion the Assessment is fully based on Live Projects as per industry demands.

Training Certification

After successfull completion of the training and assessment process every students will be awarded with Digital Connext certification.

Affordable Fees

Quality training at an affordable fees is our motto. At Digital Connext, all courses fees is very low and affordable as compared to other institutes.

Pay in Easy Installment

Digital Connext offers flexible payment options. Students can pay in easy installment monthly without any extra charges.

Career Mentorship

We help our students to grow in career withn right mentorship. Our expertise helps you to make right decisions, overcome challenges and progress in your career.

Placement Support

Digital Connext is committed for 100% Placement Assistance or Internship Program. We have dedicated team of professionals and online job portal for student placement.

Placement Process

All students of Digital Connext those completed or undergoing training in Full Stack Development needs to register their profile by visiting www.jobindex.co.in.

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