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Oracle SQL Basic Course

Oracle database training course enables professionals to demonstrate in-demand skills, shorten project turnaround time, improve overall job performance, and increase their earning potential and boosting on-the-job confidence.

Fees ₹18000 Offer ₹14400

Duration 50 Hours
Language English, Hindi, Marathi

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Oracle SQL Basic Course


This course helps students to update SQL and PLSQL for entering into the field of database. It covers all essentials queries to work on SQL and PLSQL / Oracle.

Course Content


  • Introduction PLSQL
  • Declaring PLSQL + Variable
  • Writing Executable Statement
  • SQL Statement in PLSQL Programs
  • Writing with Control Structure
  • Working with Composite Data Life
  • Explicit cursor
  • Handling Exceptions
  • Introduction explore Procedure and Function
  • Creating procedure
  • Creating function and debugging
  • Creating Packages
  • Working with packages
  • Using oracle Supplied + package in application
  • Using Dynamic SQL
  • Design consideration for PSQLS Code
  • Creating trigger
  • Creating Compound+ DDL and event +Data base trigger


  • Select Statement
  • Restricting Data
  • Sorting Data
  • Single Function
  • Conversion Function
  • Group Function
  • Displaying Data from Multiple Table 
  • Sub Queries
  • Set Operator
  • Manipulating Data
  • DDL Statements
  • Creating Other Schema Object

Who should attend?

  • Anyone who want to learn Basic Oracle and SQL
  • College students and Working professionals

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