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Macro Programming in Excel Course

Learn Excel Macros Programming online at your own pace. VBA is the programming language of Excel and other Office programs by which you can automate tasks in Excel

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Duration 1 Month
Language English, Hindi, Marathi

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Macro Programming in Excel Course


If you simply want to automate laborious and repetitive task in Office applications then you must learn VBA (Visual Basic for Applications).

VBA is worth learning if you plan to work mostly with MS-office programs and want to automate the Excel process and exchange data to and from Office applications. 

VBA is the programming language of Excel and other Office programs. Creating a Macro with Excel VBA you can automate your tasks in Excel by writing so called macros code.

Following are the course objectives:

  • Learn how to automate daily routine tasks within Excel
  • Learn best practices when creating macros and streamline your VBA code
  • Determine when it's best to use the Macro Recorder versus VBA
  • Learn how to write custom VBA Macros to create more robust automation
  • Learn VBA programming concepts to create dynamic, re-usable code
  • Complete real world Macro / VBA projects from beginning to end

Course Content

Lesson 1: Macros / VBA
What are Macros?
What is VBA?
How to record macros
How to run macros

Lesson 2: VBA Editor
Project Explorer
Toolbars / Options

Lesson 3: Creating / Editing Code
Create Procedures

Lesson 4: Invoking Macros
Hot Keys
Quick Access Toolbar
Call Command

Lesson 5: Compiling Code
Stepping through code
Course Syllabus | Excel VBA and Macros Level I 1

Lesson 6: Variables
Option Explicit
Data Types

Lesson 7: Working with The Object Model
Ranges: Rows, Columns, Cells

Lesson 8: Creating & Naming Objects
Naming conventions

Lesson 9: Navigation / Selection Techniques
Formula R1C1 Reference Style
Range Names

Lesson 10: Logic Statements
IF Statements

Lesson 11: Looping Statements
Do Loops

Lesson 12: Interactive Code
Input boxes
Message boxes

Lesson 13: Error Handlers
Preventing fatal errors and crashes

Who should attend?

  • This class is for non-programmers.
  • Proficient knowledge of Microsoft Excel.


Is it necessary to learn VBA Excel?

Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) is a slightly altered version of Microsoft's Visual Basic programming language. If you perform Excel tasks that require repetitive actions, it may be worth learning.

Is Excel macros easy to learn?

Yes, VBA is the programming language used to write macros. The concept of a macro might seem complicated. But learning to use them to your advantage is actually surprisingly simple.

What is the difference between VBA and macros?

The main difference between VBA and Macro is that VBA is the programming language to create Macros while Macros are programming codes that run on Excel environment to perform automatic routine tasks. Macro is a way of representing multiple instructions. It helps to extend the capabilities of Excel and saves time.

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