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GDC & A and CHM Examination Training

GDC & A is an unique Diploma offered by the Government of Maharashtra with an objective to provide qualified professionals in ever growing Co-operative Sector in Maharashtra.

Fees ₹18000 Offer ₹14400

Duration 6 Months
Language English, Hindi

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GDC & A and CHM Examination Training


(G.D.C. & A.) Government Diploma in Co-operation and Accountancy

The growing urban lifestyle in Indian metros residing in housing societies, particularly in State of Maharashtra, has necessitated management of Housing Societies with more professional approach. There is need of Managers in the Housing Societies having knowledge of Housing Management with professional approach. The Maharashtra Government with the object of providing awareness and knowledge for running and managing Housing Societies and also for maintenance of records, accounts and certification of accounts of the housing societies introduced two courses as under :

G.D.C &A. is an unique Diploma offered by the government of Maharashtra with an objective to provide qualified professionals in ever growing Co-operative Sector in Maharashtra. (Examination is conducted by G.D.C &A. Board, Pune once in a year)

Career Opportunity

  • Work as a Part time / Full time Society Manager
  • Practice as a Consultant to Co-op. Housing / Premises Societies.
  • Practice independently, just like a C.A by practicing as Panel Auditor, Internal Auditor or Accountant to all Co-op. sector establishments.
  • You can get promotions in if you work in Co-operative Banks, Co-op. Credit Societies, etc.

Submission of examination forms:

Generally G.D.C. & A. examination forms are issued and collected in the second half of January or first half of February every year.

Where forms are available:

G.D.C. & A. examination forms are available at the office of the District Deputy Registrar (DDR), co-operative societies, during office hours.

Form Fee and Examination Fee:

As prescribed by the G.D.C. & A. Board / Co-operative Dept. Govt. of Maharashtra.


G.D.C. & A., examination is conducted every year generally in the last week of May on Saturday, Sunday & Monday. There are two papers daily.


(CHM) Co-operative Housing Society Management Training Course

This course provides in-depth knowledge of Co-operative Societies Management (Housing & Premises), Functioning, Administration and Accounting, preparing aspirants to work independently as Society Managers or later Consultants to Co-operative Societies. The students are also updated about the various Co-op. Societies Accounting and Management Softwares available in the present market.

Career Opportunity

  • Housing / Premises Co-op. Societies Managers
  • Housing / Premises Co-op. Societies Management and Accounting.
  • Co-op. Housing Society Accountant.
  • Consultant to Co-op. Housing Societies.
  • Independent Billing and Accounting of Co-op. Housing Societies

Course Content

There are 6 subjects of 100 marks each.

  1. Management of Co-operative Housing Societies
  2. Accounts
  3. Auditing
  4. History, Principles and Management in Co-operation.
  5. Co-operative Laws and other Laws.
  6. Co-operative Banking and Credit Societies.

Who should attend?


Graduate from any recognized university or S. S. C. passed persons who have at least 5 years’ experience of working in co-operation department of government or in any co-operative organization / society/ institution and are likely to be made permanent in that organization.

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