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Computer Programming

Dot NET Developer Course

. NET is a Microsoft framework that allows developers to create applications, online software, and interfaces. . NET is just one of the frameworks from Microsoft but is the top solution for Windows servers both on local networks and in the cloud.

Course Fees : ₹ 28000
Todays Offer : Online ₹ 19600 | Offline ₹ 23800

Duration : 3 Months
Mode : Online | Offline
Language : English,Hindi,Marathi

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Dot NET Developer Course
Happy New Year 2024


.NET is a Microsoft Framework that allows developers to create applications, online software, and interfaces. Dot NET is just one of the frameworks from Microsoft but is the top solution for Windows servers both on local networks and in the cloud. 

Compared to other languages, the dot net is the versatile programming language. It can be used to create the software tools in the various system environments. The dot net course and the dot net developer are in high demand which can create the best career development.

Course Content

  • Overview of Visual Studio 2010/2012
  • Introducing .Net And C#
  • Understanding the .Net Framework
  • C# Basics, C# Language Fundamentals
  • C# Data Types, Storage and Variables
  • OOP's Concept in C# (Inheritance and Polymorphism)
  • Arrays, Indexer and Collection In C#
  • C# Operators & Data Type
  • Interfaces in C#
  • Delegates and Events in C#
  • File Handling
  • Threading
  • Error and Exception Handling
  • Windows Forms
  • ASP.Net
  • ADO.Net
  • Working with Linq
  • Working with Xml
  • ADO.Net and Relational Databases

Who should attend?

  • Learners
  • Students
  • Developers
  • Corporate Employees.
  • Anyone Graduates, Postgraduates and teaching faculties


Before joining the course students have very basic knowledge of any one programming language like “C” or any other programming language basics. It will help them in understanding the subject in better way. The seeker need not know object orientation as this will be thought from ground up.


What is Dot Net  Development? And why it is important to learn?

Today, we live in a world where the latest technology is emerging and replacing the old ones in very furious and brutal way. But, amidst all the changing scenario, the two decades old ‘Dot Net Framework’ is still relevant and going really strong. It is because of the diverse and widespread use of Dot Net in the development of modern day apps and software’s.

For basic understanding, the Dot Net is a programming framework developed by the Microsoft to assist developers in creating apps easily and more efficiently. Developers use Dot NET package for an orderly access to databases, web services, and other communication tools for the creating apps running on Windows. 

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Why Dot NET Developer Course at Digital Connext?

Comprehensive Curriculum

Learn the most updated course curriculum designed by industry experts. All the course modules are designed with research and as per the industry requirements.

Industry Expert Trainer

All our trainers are well experienced, well qualified professional trainers from industry. So that students not only learn the advance technologies theory but practical project development as well.

Hands-on Live Projects

Become expert with practical training and live projects. All modules end with one live mini project and on completion the Assessment is fully based on Live Projects as per industry demands.

Training Certification

After successfull completion of the training and assessment process every students will be awarded with Digital Connext certification.

Affordable Fees

Quality training at an affordable fees is our motto. At Digital Connext, all courses fees is very low and affordable as compared to other institutes.

Pay in Easy Installment

Digital Connext offers flexible payment options. Students can pay in easy installment monthly without any extra charges.

Career Mentorship

We help our students to grow in career withn right mentorship. Our expertise helps you to make right decisions, overcome challenges and progress in your career.

Placement Support

Digital Connext is committed for 100% Placement Assistance or Internship Program. We have dedicated team of professionals and online job portal for student placement.

Placement Process

All students of Digital Connext those completed or undergoing training in Full Stack Development needs to register their profile by visiting www.jobindex.co.in.

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