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Kids Coding Classes

Coding Classes for Kids HTML and CSS

Best coding classes for kids online. They learn creativity. Let your child to learn the most popular programming languages used for web designing. Let them to be the master of there own projects.

Fees ₹10000 Offer ₹6000

Duration 2 Months
Language English, Hindi, Marathi

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Coding Classes for Kids HTML and CSS


Learn HTML and CSS from scratch to create an awesome website. This is one of the most interesting and begining level coding for kids to start without any programming knowledge.

By the end of this course, the students will be able to create their own website on a computer.

What you learn?

  • Create the structure of HTML.
  • Add proper layout to the website.
  • Create Headings, Paragraphs, Table, Forms, and much more.
  • How to format the data of the website.
  • Create a colorful and beautiful Navigation Bar.
  • Add Images to your Website.
  • Create Header, Sections, Footer, etc.
  • Teaches you in detail about many ways to style HTML
  • Change the colors of the text.
  • Code your own width and height of the element.
  • Add Background color and Images.
  • Add Fonts of various sizes and colors.
  • Create a full-fledged website on the computer which can be shown to your friends and family

Course Content

Course Content

  • Introduction to HTML
  • Creating website layouts / wireframe
  • Code HTML and CSS in Text Editor
  • Start with Tags and Elements
  • Block level elements and text level elements
  • List in HTML
  • Images in HTML
  • Hyperlink in HTML
  • Tables in HTML
  • Forms in HTML
  • Introduction to CSS
  • Inline CSS, Embeded CSS and External CSS
  • Adding colors, width, margin, padding, and borders
  • Changing text, size, weight, style, alignment, decoration
  • changing border styles
  • Background images,
  • stylng with classes and ids

Who should attend?

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn HTML and CSS and build his own website on local computer
  • Parents who wants to create his/her own website on computer and want to teach their kids
  • Teachers or an absolute beginner can enroll in this course and teach the coding to their kids
  • Beginners who are completely new who wants to teach Coding for kids can enroll in this course and impart the knowledge to their kids and students

What prior knowledge is required?

  • If student knows how to create file and folder in computer, it will be and advantage although I have explained this
  • Students should be able to type words using the keyboard and computer
  • Students should know how to use a mouse with a computer
  • It is good to know the basic operations like Copy, Paste, Delete, etc but definitely not mandatory.

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