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Calligraphy Course Online

Best online calligraphy course for students, working professionals, artist, housewives and kids. Learn step by step calligraphy with flat nib fountain pen from professional trainer.

Fees ₹2000 Offer ₹1000

Duration 1 Month
Language English, Hindi, Marathi

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Calligraphy Course Online


What you will learn? 

  • 14 basic stroke
  • A-Z Capital letters( old English font) 
  • a-z Small letter 
  • 0-9 numbers

Materials required 

  • Calligraphy pen set
  • Ruled pages

Miss Shraddha.V.Salunkhe has 10+ years experience in Calligraphy and use to take classes offline before pandemic.

Course Content

Course module 

  • Module 1 : 14 basic strokes 
  • Module 2 : A-Z capital letters
  • Module 3 : a-z Small letters
  • Module 4 : 0-9 number

Lecture division 

Day 1 

  • Introduction to Calligraphy and  calligraphy tools 
  • 1-5 strokes (module 1) 

Day 2 

  • 6-11  (module 1)

Day 3 

  • 12-14 strokes (model 1) 
  • A to  D capital alphabet  (module 2)

Day 4

  • E to J capital letters (module 2)

Day 5 

  • K to P capital letters (module 2)

Day 6 

  • Q to W capital letters (module 2)

Day 7 

  • XYZ capital letters (module 2) 
  • a to h small letters ( module 3) 

Day 8 

  • i to r small letters ( module 3)

Day 9 

  • s to z small letters ( module 3)

Day 10 

  • 0-9 numbers ( module 4)

Who should attend?

Anyone who is 10+ and  interested in art and creative or a person who want to learn a new skill in this pandemic can learn calligraphy. Course is useful for students and  people who has small scale business. 


Why I should learn calligraphy? 
1) If you're a student calligraphy improves handwriting which indirectly improves concentration skills and can use calligraphy for handwritten projects. It will help you to gain confidence as you will get better at the skill.  
2) If you're a small business owner you can write thank you for purchase cards in Calligraphy for your customers. 
1) It is Meditative and relaxing
That’s because when you are only focused on creating one stroke at a time, each stroke slows down your breathing, and relaxes your body. And as you keep writing, your mind starts to forget about your problems, thus making it a great activity for meditation and relieving tension. 

Is it possible to learn calligraphy online? 
Ans:- Yes, we are going to teach you basic of calligraphy with one-on-one assistant. All doubts will be cleared by Miss Shraddha Salunkhe during workshop.

Will I get a practice assignment? 
Yes, after every lecture assignment will be given as calligraphy requires practice so a student can get fluency while doing calligraphy.

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