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Faculty Development Program

Certification for IT, Non IT & Management Students to Increase Student Intake & Enhance Employability

Soft Skill, Digital Marketing, Online Advertising, Blogging, SEO and Social Media, Web Development, Web Design & Publishing, Software Testing and Andorid Development.

Google Classroom Training

Faculty Development Program

Digital Marketing

For IT & Management Students

Ttechnology Development

For IT Students

Soft Skills Training

For IT, Non IT & Management

Why College Workshops?

Increase the profile & value of your degree program

We are offering universities and colleges the opportunity to gain accreditation for their degree programs. This will allow you to offer students a dual certification that will see them earn an industry-aligned certification from the Digital Marketing Institute on completion of their degree.

Why Digital Connext

Digital Connext Training at Campus is an initiative that is aimed to make candidates not only learn the content but also develop the habit of internalizing it with positive and constructive mindset. Digital Connext acts as a bridge between education and industry by providing skills that are expected by the industry by delivering quality training within the college campus at a time convenient to the candidates. This helps the candidates get better placement and the industry to get better trained resources, who can be productive from the very first day.

With our experiential learning method we clam that we are emerging leaders in training with proper out flow.

As part of our College Workshop & Seminar Programme, Digital Connext has designed module on various topics on hard skill and soft skill to enhance the placeability of the candidates.

Digital Connext keeps conducting evaluation process for all the registered candidates, and that gives them wonderful outcome at the time of campus interview. We at Digital Connext also take effort to make some candidates certified in different technology. With highly experienced and focus trainer we are committed to deliver excellence. We at Digital Connext in our endeavour to play an increasingly important role in bringing best education as per industry need, are helping colleges, institute to run professional program successfully.

All our College Workshop Training programs are customized to suit your requirements in terms of:

  • Learning speed and levels: (Basic, Intermediate and Advanced)
  • Hands-On Learning LIVE
  • Both: Online and Offline (face to face training) courses available
  • Case Study based learning
  • Real-time Metrics and case study approach to learn tools, metrics, analytics, process and strategies on social media marketing
  • Updated to ensure new age media tools and processes are included for best learning experiences that are relevant for participants
  • Participants are encouraged to ask queries throughout the training program
  • Industry focused learning experience
  • Engaging and interactive
  • Customized to cater to different time zones across countries in case of Online training for our international clients and participants

These methods include:

  • Maintaining high quality standard in session delivery
  • Helping candidates to understand their strength and weakness and input is planned accordingly
  • Industrial benchmark to be followed with very disciplined approach
  • Organizing session by expert from the industry to demonstrate live scenario
  • Conducting Management Development Program for them