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Android App Development Course

Course Name: Certificate Course in Android App Development

An unique program to learn professional Android App Developer.

As a Android App Developer you will learn to set up the Android environment and master its architecture, including user interfaces, activities, controls, layouts, services, content providers, and multimedia APIs. You’ll gain practical development experience by building six top-trending applications during the Android app development course. Android developers are in high demand, so get certified today!

  • Introduction to Java and Android
  • Systems Programming and JNI Concepts
  • Android Graphics and Multimedia
  • 3D graphics in OpenGL and Android Widget
  • Android Networking
  • Complete App Development

Our Training Module in Android App Development will help you to:

  • To learn how to develop apps for Android.
  • Build and deploy his/ her Android application.
  • Students understand the operation of the application, application lifecycle, configuration files, intents, and activities.
  • The candidates get a better understanding of the UI - components, layouts, event handling, and screen orientation.
  • Students also develop a working knowledge of the custom UI elements and positioning.
  • The candidates may also have an in-depth understanding of broadcast receivers and services.
  • Students who are interesting to become a Android App Developer.
  • All the students and professionals who want to develop amazing Apps in smart phones can go for the Android certification course.
  • 100% Practical Learning
  • Customized As Per Needs
  • Experiential Learning through Live Projects
  • Experienced Trainer from Industry
  • Placement Assistance for students who successfully complete the program
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Android App Development Course in Thane and Mumbai

Program Structure

Duration : 80 Hours

Certificate Course

Learning Method : Classroom, Online, Presentations, Webinar, Videos

Case Studies

Assessment : Project

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